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A little Molly Johnson to get your weekend off to a good start.

I recently started putting together a new iTunes playlist for the barest shadow of an idea I had and, even though it was darker than most of my ideas, it ended up having a lot of lighthearted Molly Johnson songs on it.

The playlist for Hemlock featured one Molly Johnson song: a heartbreaking cover of Streets of Philadelphia. The original (Bruce Springsteen) version is one of my favorite songs* and it took me months after buying Molly Johnson’s Messing Around album to listen to that particular track. When I did, it was instant love.

* And am I the only one who things Street’s of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen is the perfect song for Sirius Black?


For some reason, I usually listen to most Stereophonics songs while driving (“Dakota” being an exception). There’s something delicious about being in a warm car on a dark, crisp fall night and cranking “Mr. Writer” or “Handbag and Gladrags”.

I listen to the gravel and grit of Kelly Jones’ voice–only occasionally joining in for a chorus here and there–as I speed away from work and I take smug satisfaction in the fact that this is not the inane music of my coworkers.