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MirrorThe Mirror of Her Dreams and its other half, A Man Rides Through, are two of my comfort books. If you see me reading them, it means one of two things: I am down in the dumps or I am feeling nostalgic. I first picked up the books when I was fourteen. Between fourteen and twenty, I read the books about ten times (yes, I am a re-reader).

As a girl who always felt rather invisible, I can’t deny that the character of Teresa Morgan held considerable appeal—despite her passivity. The “only daughter of wealth and power” , Teresa is living a lonely existence in Manhattan—half convinced she doesn’t actually exist—when a man crashes through one of her mirrors and into her apartment. Without undue fuss, she’s whisked off to Mordant where mirrors are gateways to other worlds and (what seems like) an entire court is plotting against its king.

The world building is solid, the political intrigue is entertaining, and the romance is present but nicely understated. It’s one of those books that I find myself going back to when I need a bit of an escape.

(It’s really better than the cover art in the newer releases—which is not featured—would lead one to believe.)