I’ve been bad with posting. It’s true. My excuse would be that I have been very, very busy. But now I’m here. With a post!

Last night I was dragged–not quite kicking and screaming, but close–to Letters to Juliet. I actually love romantic comedies but something about the trailer turned me off. Happily, my aversion lasted only about as long as it took me to settle into my seat and for Sophie to find herself at Juliet’s wall.

Will it go down in history as one of the great romantic comedies? Probably not. Were the critics who pointed out that the soundtrack was annoyingly poppy and upbeat correct? Most definitely. But it was a movie with its heart firmly in the right place. The two whippersnapper leads were attractive and charming (blond, British, and looks like Ryan Phillipe? Be still my beating heart) and Vanessa Redgrave was spectacular. It was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.