“All the great themes have been used up and turned into theme parks.” – Mark Hunter, Pump Up The Volume, 1990

We wore short skirts and Doc Martens. We embraced grunge but only after it made its’ way onto MTV and Much Music. We flooded coffee houses and wished we were just a little bit older, a little more Gen X. We were manufactured and we bought into anything and everything.

We came after the great teen movies, after Cameron Crowe and John Hughes had moved on. We watched Pretty in Pink and Say Anything and we loved them even though they weren’t really ours. We had the angst of Pump Up the Volume and Heathers but we had somehow lost the jokes.

This week on Flashback Friday, GotYA is asking what movies defined each of our generations. As you can see, it’s a question I don’t have an easy answer for. We had Clueless and The Craft but those were both movies that appealed to very specific groups and, while I loved them both, I doubt either enjoyed a generation-wide affection.

But it’s a Flashback Friday and I am duty bound to select something and, while it may not be a conventional choice, I’m going to go with The Crow. Why? Because it was one of those rare movies that was spoken about in constant whispers. The story and the real-life tragedy behind Brandon Lee’s death were impossible to ignore. Years later, in college, I still had the poster on my wall and I was hardly alone. More than a decade later, I still think it’s one of the most visually stunning films I’ve seen and I still catch my breath at certain moments.

Even watching the above trailer (my favorite one which made me fall in love with “Big Empty” by The Stone Temple Pilots) took my breath away a bit.