I’ve never been completely at ease with my favourite secondhand bookstore’s practice of shelving “chick lit” in its own little section. It’s hard to say why (I’ve never had issue with Sci-Fi or Mysteries or Romance being on their own), especially since the chick lit section is in a high traffic area and the books probably get more exposure than they would if they were shelved with the others in alphabetical order.

This week, though, I’m rather grateful for the separate section because I’m in a total chick lit mood. I’ve got mice in my apartment, am having some sort of Sally Alrbightish omgimgoingtobefortyinnineyears crisis, and have about a zillion pages to write on the dystopian project. In short, I need me some chick lit.

Happily, the bookstore’s wee chick lit section came through.

I just finished Stupid & Contagious by Caprice Crane which I enjoyed. There were several great one liners and at least two scenes which made me laugh out loud. I liked the alternating POV between Brady Gilbert (aspiring record producer) and Heaven Albright (up-and-coming PR wiz kid turned waitress). Caprice did a great job at capturing the vaguely self-absorbed, “I know every line from every John Hughes movie and I’m totally Rob from High Fidelity” vibe that seems uniquely epidemic to my generation (or, at least, epidemic to my apartment).

The other book I just picked up (and haven’t had a chance to crack open) is Milk Glass Moon by Adriana Trigiani. The the third book in her Big Stone Gap series, Milk Glass Moon returns to Ave Maria Mulligan MacChesney’s life in a small Virginia town. I actually had no idea there was a third book so finding one was a pleasant surprise.