Having taken Wednesday morning off for an appointment, I figured I might as well take Friday afternoon off. While I could have taken a small day trip, I decided, instead, to have a bookish staycation.

12:10: Left work and headed to a Mexican restaurant with dim lighting and attentive (but not overbearing) wait staff. Had lunch while reading “Strange Angels” by Lili St. Crow.

1:25: Wander into independent coffee shop with unlimited WiFi. Settle in with “On Writing” by Stephen King and my iPod Touch so I can keep an eye on email. Chuckle. Tweet. Repeat.

2:00: Notice Radical Coffee Shop Guy (RCSG) as he comes in and sets himself up at a nearby table. I know nothing about RCSG other than the fact that the man spends more time in coffee shops than I do and he seems to spend every day bouncing between three different ones. Sometimes, I’ll leave him at one coffee shop only to catch up with him, an hour later, at one across town. He drives a bike and keeps his laptop in a pillowcase.

3:25: Sweet guy from defunct book club comes into the coffee shop and sits and chats while waiting for someone to show up for an interview. We discuss typography. It is satisfying and geeky.

4:25: Leave oasis of coffee shop and head to small used bookstore to look for a Vonnegut novel recommended by a friend. Bookstore has no Vonnegut and I find this strange.

The End.