This week, YA Highway had a really interesting topic fro their roadtrip: If You Could Be Any Book Character, Who Would You Be?

And it left me stumped. Completely and utterly. So I’ve decided to go off the map and blog about what fictional places I would love to visit.

In part, it’s the fault of this tree:


Why? Because this tree is, I’m certain, a Newford tree. It just doesn’t look quite real to me. It looks like it should be the home of Crow Girls and lost figments of peoples’ imaginations.

For those who don’t know, Newford is a fictional city in which Charles De Lint sets many of his urban fantasy shorts stories and novels. And Newford, along with Rookery from Someplace to Be Flying is one place I’d love to visit (or would love to visit if I wasn’t such a chicken).

Other places I would love to visit:

The Owen’s place in Practical Magic
Bridget Jones’ favorite coffee shop in Edge of Reason
The TARDIS from Doctor Who
The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars
The Heart of Gold (but only if Ford is slinging cocktails) from HHGTTG
The bleachers from Freaks and Geeks
Savannah from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (which, I know, is technically a real place — I just have a hard time believing it was that cool)