Once again, I’m jumping on the Road Trip Wednesday bandwagon (my wagon is painted pink, FYI). This week, the lovely gals at YA Highway asked: Where’s your favorite place to read/write.

One of my favorite things to do on lazy Saturdays is to spend an hour or so in my favourite deli, book in hand, grabbing a late lunch. The music is always at just the right volume (loud enough to help me block out conversations, not so loud as to distract me from what I’m reading) and the awesome staff is attentive without making me feel self-conscious and rushed.

Unfortunately, I only manage to do this once, maybe twice a month.

Usually, I read while curled up on my couch (preferably with a blanket, because blankets are nice). Truthfully, though, I’ll read just about anywhere. Waiting for the bus. Standing in line. The lunchroom at work.

With Writing, I’m a little more particular.

Writing and onscreen edits are always done in my home office (which is a nice way of saying “extra bedroom filled with junk). Edits on paper are always done at a coffee shop. Reading through the manuscript out loud can either be done while sitting on my couch or at a coffee shop (though I get far fewer strange looks when doing it at home).